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Auto Injury

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, our personal injury lawyers can help. Vehicle accidents are by far the most common form of personal injury claim, but that does not mean that they are simple or do not require careful attention. On the contrary, because automobile accident claims are so numerous, insurance companies devote a tremendous amount of time and money trying to minimize the amount they pay to accident victims for their injuries.

It is important to remember that the insurance company covering the negligent driver who caused the accident is never on your side. While an adjustor from the other side's insurance company may call sounding concerned or helpful, it is ALWAYS his or her job to attempt to minimize the amount you are paid, and to do so as quickly as possible. Not knowing this, many people make the mistake of providing the other insurance company with information that might be used against them, or worse, of settling their case prematurely and for a less than fair amount.

Our skilled attorneys will always make prompt contact with the insurance company, requiring them to speak with us and prohibiting them from trying to take unfair advantage of you in your time of crisis. We will take the time necessary to thoroughly investigate your claim, as well as to allow you to complete all appropriate medical treatment before valuing your case and proceeding with settlement negotiations.

When it is time to obtain your recovery, our experience negotiating with insurance adjusters as well as litigating cases in the courtroom will be your biggest asset. We have both the seasoned negotiation skills as well as the in-court experience necessary to stand up to the largest insurance companies in order to insure that you get the maximum recovery you deserve. Though most cases settle out of court, we are both comfortable and experienced with proceeding through trial if that is what is necessary to protect your rights.

The information in our website is by necessity general information. It is not intended to take the place of specific legal advice about your personal case. Until we have met with you and have agreed in writing to assume representation, no attorney-client relationship has been created. Please contact our office to meet with an attorney to review the details of your specific case.